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About Us

John Thompson Movers, the area’s premier moving service began through the ambition and dedication of a young John Thompson in 1967 serving the local moving and storage needs with an office in the basement of the family home and one truck in the driveway. Today, over 40 years later the legacy of his company continues with the same level of integrity and commitment to the customers that John Thompson initiated as the strength of his successes in the moving industry. John Thompson Movers has established itself as the trusted name in moving; whether moving across the street, across the country or around the world. With a strong reputation through a commitment to personalized service and delivering what is promised without exception, John Thompson Movers is a household name through its involvement and support in local sports, theatre and other community events.

Today, John Thompson Movers has joined forces with the Campbell Group of Companies involving a group of 23 companies, 10 owned buildings with over 150,000 square feet of modern palletized household goods storage which is more than any other moving company in Ontario.

The Campbell Group is the largest shareholder in United Van Lines which is also the largest Van Line in the Country, having a market share of 40% of the long distance moving. Recently, Mayflower Van Lines has been brought back into the Canadian market and is a brand operating as a sister company with United Van Lines.

Campbell Group of Companies, having companies within United Van Lines and Mayflower Van Lines, is well positioned to offer the very best service in every business line. John Thompson Movers along with the Campbell Group work hard along side a well trusted, long term management team and over 800 employees that are trained at our own facilities to offer the very best to our customers.

John Thompson Movers prides itself in a value system that has remained constant over the years and today we continue by carrying on a tradition of trust, knowledge and reliability to our valued customers.

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John Thompson Movers

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Member of United Van Lines Canada

Who is United Van Lines?

United Van Lines (Canada) Ltd. is a privately held company owned by Canadians. The United family consists of 175 qualified moving companies located in various cities across the country. Together, United and its Members provide a seamless network to move you anywhere in Canada, the U.S., or around the world.

United handles more than 40% of the Canadian market and has provided moving services to more than 7 million addresses from coast to coast. This year, United Van Lines will move more than 35,000 shipments.

Why do more Canadians trust United Van Lines? Quite simply, United takes better care of its customers and their belongings. United Van Lines is recognized as the industry leader as a result of their consistently superior performance.

Proudly Canadian

Sixty years ago, a few men had a simple dream; to create a Canadian owned van line and stretch it from coast to coast. Today, United Van Lines is Canada’s largest network of moving companies and is 100% Canadian owned and operated. For more than 60 years, we’ve watched Canada grow and as the roads opened, United was there, moving Canadians where life took them.

We Move

Although the name United Van Lines is synonymous with household furniture moving, United and our Member companies have the expertise and experience to handle commercial shipments, trade shows and exhibits, office moving, and storage.

In life, few events match the stress of moving. In this busy time of new beginnings and major changes, we appreciate that you place a great deal of trust and responsibility with us. Moving everything you own is a very personal experience and something we don’t take lightly… ever.

Going Green

United is getting greener and greener! With over 200 locations across Canada, we care about keeping our local communities clean and green for many years to come. We are dedicated to improving our environment by reducing waste and improving efficiency in our daily operations.


United has worked hard to become a paperless work environment. With online systems being implemented, our Member movers and Van Line personnel can enter notes, track a shipment, share information and create online invoices without ever using a sheet of paper. Our customers can even submit information online, such as quality surveys and claims forms when necessary.


Quilted Furniture blankets are used to wrap and protect your possessions when preparing for a move. Once they become unusable for your household items they are used to wrap less valuable items such as lawn and garden tools.

For efficiency and safety, when our long distance Service Fleet tractors and trailers reach a certain mileage they are sold or used for local moving work. Our containers are taken off of the long distance fleet after 15 years and sold to companies and farmers for local storage.

United has a container manufacturing facility where we build and maintain our containers. This facility recycles the wood, steel and cardboard that is used in the manufacturing process.


United and our Members use cartons that contain recycled material, and Kraft packing paper that is 100% recyclable. All of our offices also work hard to recycle paper, cans, bottles, cardboard and toner cartridges.

Did you know?

  • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to provide power to your television for 3 hours
  • Every ton of recycled office paper saves 380 gallons of oil and saves 17 trees

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"We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Chris, Dan and Darren and also those with whom we spoke with on the telephone. The truck arrived promptly at the appointed time, the “boys” immediately set to work in a professional and cheerful manner. They were polite, accommodating, patient and oh so careful without slowing down. We could not have been more favourably impressed. The same applied to the unloading and placing of everything just where we wanted it. Before we knew it, they were finished and on their way again. Thank you for a great ‘moving’ experience! You all deserve a reward."

- Jack and Ruth